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SlingBox is manufactured by a US company, SlingMedia Inc.
TVonmove.com is the authorised distributor of SlingBox in India for both online and retail sales. Slingbox is now customised for Indian DTH and Cable TV STBs like Airtel Digital TV, Tatasky among others.
With SlingBox you can Watch and control your favorite TV shows over the wifi or Internet, from anywhere in the world on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Easily control cable set-top box or satellite receiver. Slingbox is simple to set up and use, with an on-screen remote control for changing channels.
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Which Devices?Laptop (mac or windows), Ipad, Andoid Tablets and mobiles running Windows, Android or iOS are compatible
The connections? Sling box is attached at your home with your STB's AV output, the AV output of STB is converted to an IP based stream.  Your router is connected to Slingbox through Ethernet connection
Ethernet Connection? You will need to provide Ethernet connection between your home Wifi Router and the Slingbox by laying RJ45 cable. If that is not possible then you will need to purchase from us another device called 'Slingllink'. This device establishes a link between slingbox and wifi router using house's electrical wiring.
How to watch?  For tabs, pads and smartphones, you will need to download slingplayer from Android or iOS markets. For Laptops, it is watched directly in the browser.
How to Change channels? The Slingbox kit comes with an IP-based IR (Infra Red) blasters. These need to be placed on the STB. When you make a remote control command from the Sling Player on screen Remote, it is sent to the IR blaster which further gives an IR  command to the STB allowing you to remotely change channels and other functions of remote.
Data consumption? When you are in the local wifi zone then there is no consumption of your data package. When you step out of home and watch TV you will consume data packages both at home and mobile (uploading from home and downloading on mobile). Both these data consumptions are from your existing data packs so no addditional costs are incurred.
Slingbox uses high-end compression software that ensures data consumption is not high. (1 GB of your 3g pack will be consumed in a month if you watch TV daily for 4 hours)
Better Resoution
 and Quality
Better resolution and quality compared to that of online TV as it is a dedicated-for-you streaming server. While, with online TV you might get logged out or get very poor download rate due to high traffic during a cricket match, with slingbox you are the master.
All channelsIn online TV, you may not get all the channels that you desire. With Slingbox. you get the complete channel pack of your home pack in your mobile device.
Lower Data Costs If you watch online TV even inside home your 3G pack will get consumed but in case of Slingbox when at home there is zero internet pack consumption as both sling box and your device are in the same local network only.
No need of 2nd/3rd TV  Quality of streaming within home is  very high and can even be high definition.With this magic device you might not feel the need to buy another TV for your home.
Some unique uses of Anywhere TVWatch your favourite movie while sitting with your family who could be watching some other program on the TV.
Dont miss the cricket action while in your restroom shaving bathing brushing etc!!
TV will not make you sedentary or lazy anymore as you can now watch it while cooking / strolling around in your balcony / Garden/Terrace, even while using  your treadmill!
Watch TV while your partner is asleep without disturbing him or her. If there is early morning cricket or late night football action you can now watch without  your partner getting cranky at you!!
ModelSling Box120
Price (MRP)*Rs 7,999/- (Plus Optional Sling link- Rs 3,999/- )  Cost of  Android/IOS Player extra (Rs 750-Rs 1500), Free for laptops.
InstallationPhone and Online support.  Easy to self install. 
WarrantyOne year for any manufacturing defect
DeliveryFree Delivery anywhere in India
Payment 100% advance before delivery, COD not available currently
CONTACT USSimply whatspp at  09911151555, giving your name and location.
We shall then guide you on the best way for you to get this magic gadget

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