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Antenna Model

speedray 1000 antenna


Low profile autotracking ku-band antenna which brings live satellite DTH-TV in moving vehicles

Key Features and Uses

TV entertainment

You can watch all the channels (330+) using this antenna anywhere in India inside your vehicle even when your vehicle is moving that too at high speeds!

This system works with satellite thus you get reception anywhere in India even at the remotest of the location.

If you travel regularly on highways this product will be a boon for you as you replace your dead time spent on highways with important live news and exciting sports action.

Ideal for politicians who have to be on road while campaigning, for RV campers, for CEOs/buinessmen having business interests in remote locations. For Bus fleet companies to offer live tv for their cutomers.

Compatibe with most DTH players inc. Airtel Digital TV and Videocon D2H. 330+ channels inc. 19 HD channels are available.

How it works

phased array

The antenna connects and autotracks ku band signal of a DTH satellite (36000 kms away) even when the vehicle is moving using a high-tech radar technology called 'Hybrid Phased Array'. Instead of one antenna this system has hundreds of small electronic antennas in an array that look in various directions and complete the signal.

The vehicle could be moving at speeds of upto 350 km/hr there will be no breakage in the reception as long as antenna is looking clear in the sky. Even when there is line of sight blockage the reacquisition of signals is immediate thus the user does not feel any disturbance.

How it is Installedtop view on cross bars

Easily Installable in SUVs, MUVs, Large cars, Buses, Trains, Railway coaches Saloons, Recreation Vehicles (RVs), Ships and Yachts

On your SUV, special crossbars, bars perpendicular to side rails, will be installed. The antenna is then clamped and secured on these cross bars. 

There is generally no need to drill a hole in your car as a slim wire comes from the hatch back door to the STB. The STB gives RCA output to your DVD player or the rear seat entertainment system. The system works on 12 volts or 24 volts with connections directly from battery or through the extra accessory sockets provided in fuse box by the car manufacturer. Thus the installation is done without touching any existing wire of the vehicle or any drilling. 

A different set of installation procedure is followed for railway coaches, buses and RVs, Mounting kit available for all kinds of vehicles.

Product specs

Developed in Israel and manufactured in Europe
Its height is only 5.4 inches and installed height just 6.5 inches
Weight 25 kgs
Min EIRP: 48 db
High Band or Low Band factory options available
Best viewed with Airtel Digital TV in India. Other options also available

How much it costs

Depending on the type of installation and antenna type (low band or high band) price ranges between Rs 2.75 lakhs to Rs 3.5 lakhs. Service and Warranty support available in all major cities of India. Please contact us for a firm quote. Ready stocks are available.

How to Order

Please email us at raysat@tvonmove.com with your location, your vehicle model and your contact  numbers and a convenient time to discuss.

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